Adamo baby swing spring

€14,90 EUR

The importance of the Adamo baby swing spring.

With the help of our spring, swinging will not only be a fun, playful experience for you and your baby, but it will have a positive effect on the development of your child.

Adamo baby swing provides your baby with a soothing, soft rocking feeling, together with the allround movement of the swing, imitating the stimuli experienced in the womb. This stimulus has a calming effect on babies, even in critical periods, such as teething, tummy aches, sleep deprivation or anxiety. Due to the fine calibration of the spring, your baby will experience a fine, natural rocking effect, not some artificially generated continuous movement.

By choosing the right spring for your baby's weight, you will assist in its cognitive development as well, as swinging is proven to have many health benefits.

Adamo baby swing springs are equipped with a safety cover.

It is crucial to choose the right spring for your baby’s weight, as it will determine the success of creating the right stimulus for your baby!

It is very important to replace the spring every six months!