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Which hammock should I choose?

You should look around in our webshop and choose the appropriate type. If you are expecting a baby or you have a newborn ADAMO LUX is the perfect choice for you! ADAMO Junior could be the the happiest place for your toddler in the age of 1-5. If you are still wavering, do not hesitate to contact us :

Can I cancel my order?

We completely get it, we change our minds too! While we wish could, once an order is placed, we are unable to alter or cancel it at this time. We hope to have a cancellation window one day in the future.

Should the item(s) not work out, make sure to exchange for a preferred style or return for a refund. As a reminder, domestic return shipping is free.

How can I buy?

Take a good look around our site and choose the product that suits you best. Please always read the product descriptions carefully, as you may find useful information on what the minimum requirements are for using our swings! Once you have everything you need in your shopping cart, please choose the payment method that best suits your needs and check the shipping information

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What is the shipping policy?

Once your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that our fulfillment team has received your order. Once your order is fulfilled, you will receive an email notification with your tracking information. Shipping fees are non-refundable in the case of returns.

Do you ship overseas?

We try to ship all over the world. If you would like to order overseas, please get in contact with us to calculate you shipping cost.

You asked

What do I need to put in the basket to use the baby swing?

First choose a suspension method, which can be a hook (wooden hook, concrete hook, power hook) or a stand. Once you have chosen the right suspension for you, you can choose a baby swing. The swing's box will contain the necessary rigging, poles, outer cover and cushion to fit inside. Once you have that, you only need to know your baby's weight, as you should always choose a spring that is appropriate for his or her current weight. It is very important to note that the springs must be replaced every 6 months for safety reasons!

Where can I mount the swing?

The swing can be mounted in a concrete ceiling or on a wooden beam (see Accessories for swing hooks). In good weather the swing can be used outside and can be easily mounted on a tree branch. In this case, no special equipment is needed, the rope is simply thrown over the tree branch and secured with the carabiner attached to the end of the rope. The baby swing cannot be mounted on plasterboard ceilings.

The first swing? How to put the baby in the swing?

The first encounter with the swing is a very important and defining experience for your baby. Try to time it so that the baby is not tired or hungry. The first time you take your baby on the swing, it is a good idea to show him the ADAMO swing and tell him exactly what is going to happen. Kneel or squat down so that your upper body is at the same height as the swing, facing the swing, with the leg extension facing you. Maintain eye contact with the baby and carefully lower your baby into the swing to the height of the swing. Be calm, radiate that good things are about to happen and laugh or smile at your baby. It is important never to rock your baby at first, but rather to rock your baby. If we gradually get him used to the swing, it will be possible to swing him energetically later, but never for the first time. It is worth adding a spring to the swing that is appropriate for your baby's weight and gently moving your baby up and down as you rock.

How to put your baby to sleep in the swing?

Once babies have become comfortable in the swing, they will be happy to fall asleep in it, as the rocking and rocking and bouncing slowly relaxes them and helps them fall asleep. If you want to put the baby to sleep in the swing, preferably with a full tummy and sleepy. Start rocking and kicking slowly until your baby gradually relaxes. You will see this as the hands clenched into fists stretch out, the baby starts to blink a lot and slowly falls asleep under the gentle rocking. Lulling your baby to sleep in a crib helps a lot to learn about the baby's sleep cycles (deep sleep phase) and helps to deepen the already close mother-child bond. Especially if the rocker is used not only for lullabies but also for playful bonding (singing, telling stories).

Why can the swing be used from newborn age? Is it safe?

The swing is safe from newborn age. It replaces a cradle and is combined with a swing. In South American countries, cradles are also used in the incubator, as rocking premature babies accelerates weight gain and keeps them balanced. Babies with tummy aches forget the uncomfortable cramps in their tummies and settle down quickly. The baby's weight makes it sink into the fabric, and the enveloping sensation is soothing. Its little skull rests on a non-hard surface so it doesn't press. However, it is very important that if the parent discovers asymmetrical posture (the baby always turns his head in one direction or his body bends in one direction in a C shape), he should consult a specialist before use.

How much time can a baby be in a swing in a day?

This depends on age, interest, and vestibular maturity. Some babies are very sensitive to balance stimulation and others immediately like and request to be rocked. I would rather say to spend shorter periods of active time in it more often (10-15 minutes with playing, rocking, up to 3-4 times a day.) If the baby falls asleep in it, don't be scared, nothing can happen. It is important, however, that crawling babies and babies older than that have their feet out of the cot in the space provided for them. Don't let the baby out of your sight!

Is the baby's spine not strained in the swing?

In a baby swing, the baby lies horizontally so there is no strain on the spine. Once you are sitting up independently in it, and it is mature, it is safe to leave it.

The baby likes to sleep in the swing, can I leave it?

Yes, you can sleep in it, but be careful that it's not the only thing he gets used to. When he is a bit older he will need to turn around, he can't do that in the swing. During the day you can of course sleep in the swing several times. But don't put him to sleep in it at night, because you can't watch him as much while he sleeps.

When should the footboard be opened?

The footboard should be opened when the baby can no longer sit comfortably without it or when the baby can turn around. Putting the legs out through the hole is a safety feature, as it prevents the baby from turning over on its stomach in the swing. Later, in a sitting position, the baby will use his legs to swing and kick independently.

How can rocking help your baby's motor development?

Pages could be written on this question. There is a large body of literature on the positive effects of rocking. It is important to point out that a child's sense of balance (in the ear) is directly linked to his or her nervous system and its maturation can be influenced by rocking. A. J. Ayres has spent years researching the areas of sensory integration of which this system is a part. He has developed and built therapies to treat behavioural, movement and learning problems.

A child's balance develops when they fall off center and then find their way back. In the process of finding balance, the little one tenses certain muscles and must relax certain muscles at the same time. The coordinated movement of these small muscles is necessary to coordinate the child's movements. These early stimuli greatly influence the later harmonious development of our child's movement, speech and skills.

The professionals at the Development House can also design programmes with specific goals in mind (such as speech initiation movement therapy). In such cases it is very important to seek the advice of a specialist in sensorimotor development.

The baby is not yet sitting stably, but in the swing he can sit up on his own, can I let him?

Yes. If your child can sit up in the baby swing on his own, you can let him practise. Once he is tired he will be able to lean backwards, so it is not a forced position compared to sitting on the floor with the child cushioned.

My baby is not yet spinning. Can I help him to turn by rocking him to the right or left?

Therapeutically, I would recommend rocking in all directions to stimulate the vestibular system! (up and down, right to left, back and forth, in a circle) But the idea is good, as the baby will slightly wobble off centerline when rocking right to left. A more effective way to initiate the turn is to lay on the blanket on the bed. And from this starting position, lifting the blanket on one side of the baby to roll over onto his tummy, then lifting the blanket further and rolling him back onto his back. If two of you can do gymnastics with the baby, the same blanket exercise can be further assisted by rocking the baby right and left in the blanket.

Can I use it without a stand?

Yes. The baby swing can be easily mounted with a swing hook anywhere in the home. The swing hook can be mounted in several places and as the swing can be easily unhooked, you can take it with you if you are in another room for a longer period of time.

My baby is 9 months old and already 8 kg, will he outgrow the swing soon?

The swing can be used from 0-3 years or up to 15 kg. These two criteria are met at roughly the same time. Newborn babies gain weight very quickly, but it slows down over time and, with one or two exceptions, they reach 15 kg by the age of 3. So if you don't get the swing sooner, it's not too late, you will be able to use it for a long time.

Which bar should be on top (the shorter or the longer one)?

The position of the bars is a constant source of debate among mums and dads.

In the beginning (infancy), it makes sense to put the shorter bar on the bottom so that the child can climb out of the swing more easily and follow his mother with his eyes.

Later on, when the baby is sitting up, it becomes really important whether the shorter or the longer bar is on top! To avoid the risk of accidents, the shorter bar should be at the child's shoulder height.

This should be decided individually for each child, whether or not it is necessary to have a higher front swing (does the child's upper body size require this height!? Usually not!)

How do you use the adjustable rigging and why is a continuous adjustment important?

The adjustable tether is one of the most important safety features of this type of baby swing! Its importance begins when the baby is sitting up. At this point, the height of the baby swing should be adjusted using the height adjustment carabiner on the tether so that the baby's feet do not touch the ground (this should probably be adjusted daily, depending on the child's development and the swing's adaptation). When the swing is adjusted correctly, the child's centre of gravity is positioned at the front of the swing, so that the bar at the front is aligned with the baby's shoulder height (so that the combination of centre of gravity and height prevents the child from climbing out or turning out). This height causes the baby to push down on the swing with his bottom and bounce!

It is not recommended to lower the swing completely, the baby should not stand completely on its feet in the swing.

Unfortunately, we are aware of a number of companies and auction sites selling products that try to make it look like the original Adamo swing. Many of these products do not have adjustable ropes!

Crossbar? Why and what is it for?

Adamo always develops its swings based on mums' feedback. Most of the feedback we get is that as the baby grows, it becomes more difficult to get the baby in and out of the swing. With our crossbar swings this is easier and quicker to do so we recommend this version.

What should I do if I have bought/received an Adamo baby swing second-hand?

Always make sure that the Adamo product is original! If you have received a previous design (without crossbar, knotted crossbar) and the rigging has been disassembled, please contact us for further information at If you received/purchased a spring with it, this must always be replaced! As spring replacement is compulsory every 6 months for safety reasons, there is a risk that a used spring may have been in use for longer than this, and the weight classification (0-10 kg;10-15 kg) is uncertain. If you do not have a user manual, please contact us to ensure you are using it correctly.

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