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What kind of hammock to use?

  1. that can be used from the age of zero
  2. that is made of the best materials
  3. whose manufacturer is renowned for its expertise and quality
  4. with developments and years of testing behind it
  5. one with a safe spring and rope

The ADAMO baby hammock is made of quality cotton and natural materials and can be used from the age of ZERO. You read it correctly! You don’t have to wait for your baby to be able to sit, as with ADAMO you can safely rock your baby as soon as you get home from the hospital, and the best thing about it is that you can use it until your baby is three years old (or up to 15 kg). You will see that this cradle hammock will become your most favourite. For your baby because they will be rocked and swayed, which relaxes and puts them to sleep. And for you for the relaxing time, hours when you know that your baby is safe and you can do your own daily tasks, or finally rest a little. And if the little one grows bigger, able to poke their legs forward, they will be able to swing upright thanks to the spring and jump in it, thus discovering a whole new dimension of the rocking experience.

But why is the Adamo hammock good for babies and young children?

I can recommend the hammock to any parent because it is safe even at an early age. The soft tissue surrounds the child and calms them down, and in this sinking surface the skull will not deform. Babies may fall asleep in it, but that’s not a problem at all!

Due to the design of the hammock, first our baby will use it in a lying position, but later, when they are already able to pull themselves up in the hammock, they can do so by holding on. With this the hammock does not limit the baby in developing movement, also it does not give a rigid support for the rudimentary sitting, so our child will not overload their spine, because when tired they can lie back on the inner cushion of the hammock.

The Adamo hammock can be suspended to the ceiling at a single point, so we can swing the child in all directions without obstruction. It is recommended to swing the baby to the right/left, back-and-forth, up and down with an intensity appropriate to their age.

It develops through playing!

We test and improve all our products for years before they are marketed. The motto of our company is “the best”, this is why we are proud that, due to its positive effects on children, our hammock is highly recommended by several movement developers, conductors and development centers. We are involved not only in movement therapy. With the help of our hammock tremendous success is also achieved in the weight gain of premature babies at the Heim Pál Children's Hospital.

The good effects of the hammock and rocking have been known since ancient times. Our grandmothers recognized that rocking soothes, relaxes and helps the child fall asleep. Today, there is a substantive amount of renowned literature on the positive effects of rocking. It is important to emphasize that a child’s organ of balance (in the ear) is in direct contact with their nervous system and its maturation can also be affected by swinging. A. J. Ayres was researching areas of sensory integration for years, of which this system is a part. She also established a therapy based on it, which can be used to treat behavioural, movement and learning problems.

A child’s balance develops when it tips out from the midline and then finds its way back. The baby strains certain muscles while balancing and, at the same time, needs to relax other muscles. The coordinated movement of these small muscles is necessary to coordinate the movement of the child. These early stimuli greatly influence our child’s subsequent harmonious movement – the speech and skills development.

ADAMO has been proving this for 15 years. Not only does it help in movement development, but it helps the baby through critical periods like teething and tummy pain.

Everyone loves to swing...

Just remember how much you expected your mom to take you to the playground. Swinging improves balance, movement, orientation in space, fine motor movement, and at the same time relieves internal tension, relaxes, puts the baby to sleep.

Every baby instinctively requires rocking in their mother’s arms. This is a completely normal physical need for your baby as it was rocking already in your tummy for months. It’s no coincidence that crying babies are easiest to soothe and put to sleep by rocking them in your arms. Every mom knows that well.

It is a natural maternal reaction that crying babies are picked up and rocked by their mothers… However, many are afraid that the little one will be “spoiled” and the mother will never be able to put it down. These babies often stay in the hands of their mom all day because as soon as they put them down they immediately start crying. The expected consequence of this is that mom will become exhausted soon, the house will be a mess, unwashed clothes will hang out of the laundry bag, and so on…

Well, your baby feels best in your rocking arms, there is no doubt, but in order to find balance so that you have time for yourself as much as possible without madness and haste, and to ensure that your baby also receives the necessary care, we recommend that you rock your baby as well.

The ADAMO baby hammock is the best choice. Choose the ORIGINAL!

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