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With its 20 years of experience, Adamo has created the safest and most efficient baby hammocks.
Our hammocks are a combination of a swing and a cradle and due to their specific design can be used from infancy!

From the people
From the people
“We really love Adamo baby swing, especially because we know that swinging is not only fun for our baby but is has a super effect on its cognitive development as well, and it also helps with the balance.”
— Enikő
From the people
“When I’ve tried everything and it was impossible to put my baby to sleep, Adamo baby swing saved me many times.”
— Dóra
From the people
“For us, Adamo baby swing was a lifesaver in the first few months. When my little girl didn’t want to sleep anywhere, we used the swing and it was always a success! I don’t know what we would have done without it!”
— Bianka
From the people
“My little girl loved the baby swing as long as she could fit in it. There were nights, more than one, that I don’t think we would have survived without it. I loved that my husband and the grandmas could also put her to sleep in it and I had time to myself."
— Anett
From the people
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From the people
“Adamo helped us a lot with tummy aches and when my little girl had a toothache, she also loved the baby swing. She loved to sleep in it so much, it was the only way I could do the housework.”
— Kitti
From the people
“After two minutes of swinging my baby fell asleep smiling. Adamo baby swing always calms her down, we love it.”
— Diána
From the people
“I have used Adamo swing with all three of my children, it was a great help in times of tooth and tummy aches. Not to mention the cognitive benefits of swinging.”
— Brigitta
From the people
“My daughter loves swinging, it’s impossible to take her out from the baby swing. She is so happy in it.”
— Ágnes
From the people
“Since she was very young, my daughter and I have been singing nursery rhymes and songs during swinging. Now at 3 years old, she is learning how to swing on her own, so it’s even more exciting”.
— Nóra
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