Adamo Lux Mustard

€219,00 EUR

ATTENTION! The spring is not included. You have to choose the appropriate (0-10/10-15 kg) for your kid's weight and put it in the cart.Sleeping made easy!

With its 20 years of experience, Adamo has created the safest and most efficient baby hammocks. Our hammocks are a combination of a swing and a cradle and due to their specific design can be used from infancy!

Are baby hammocks safe for sleeping babies?

Is the question every new Mother is asking and we are proud to prove that our hammock is perfectly safe for your baby since the first day.
All our hammocks are designed with great care, proceeded by long testing and strict quality control and involvement of different experts. The special design of the hammock is what makes us unique, thanks to its single point attachment, the hammocks are always moving in different directions, producing a versatile and soothing swinging experience.

Why do babies love our hammock so much?

Thanks to its special design, it can perfectly imitate movements babies experience inside the womb. These impulses stimulate the development of the nervous system, while evoking soothing memories that create a sense of security.

Why is swinging good for my baby?

Research indicates that hammocks can be very beneficial to baby’s health and development. Swinging helps the development of balance and coordination, improves fine motor skills, strengthens muscles, teaches body awareness and aids stress management and relaxation by relieving children’s inner tension. The soothing effect of the gentle rocking movement, provided by our special string, even helps to overcome critical periods of infancy, such as tooth and tummy aches or general restlessness.
We are proud to be partnering with many health experts and children’s hospitals and development facilities with our hammocks that have helped numerous children throughout the last decades.

Beautiful Design

In addition to its effectiveness, Adamo hammocks are created with the best materials, thus having extraordinary quality. The wooden frame is untreated plywood, with soft, washable, 100% eco-friendly cotton for the best sleeping and relaxing experience.
Our exceptional design was recognised by the Hungarian Design Council in 2021, granting us the Hungarian Design Award.