When we launched our business in 2005, we would never have thought that the hammock we dreamed of and named after our child would become a world-renowned brand.

When our little son, Adam, was born, we also experienced the critical points of infancy, such as endless nights, stomach aches, teething, fronts and restlessness after vaccinations. We were committed to finding the secret of putting babies to sleep and finding their balance. We were looking for reasons and solutions - both sensibly and scientifically.

As a result of our long research and experience, we were able to produce a baby product that is an innovation in solving the everyday problems of parents with small children and in simplifying the everyday life of families.

Initially, the Adamo hammock was launched as a completely unknown product, both in terms of its look and use, but today millions of parents rely on the “magic” of our hammocks, be it putting our child to sleep, development or entertainment.

We are committed to preserving our nature, so we try to strike a balance between the expectations of the modern world, the standards and the protection of nature. We consider it very important to make quality and safe products which can be handed over from generation to generation without compromising quality.

Their unique quality and trendy appearance that satisfies all needs contribute greatly to the success of our products. This is due not only to the excellent raw materials, but also to the outstanding expertise and dedication of our employees.

It is a touching recognition for us to have the support and appreciation of Hungarian mothers and families for our company, as we regularly receive letters from mothers and grandmothers expressing appreciation for creating the Adamo hammock. This is the greatest gift for us!

Welcome to our site, we hope to welcome you soon in the Adamo family!

With love,
Ádám and Csilla

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